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Exercise & Learning

John Ratey MD & Paul Zientarski - (2015)


“exercise to the brain is similar functionally to exercise to the muscle – that is, the more you use it the more you can lift/work/learn. The more you use it the better it gets – challenge is the key.”

“Challenging muscles makes them grow just as challenging the brain makes it grow’. Exercise leads to the release of neurotransmitters into the brain keeping us awake and alert. Then after a few minutes exercise stimulates nerve cells to grow and connect enabling more efficient learning and adaptation.”

“Physical exercise is miracle grow for the brain – brain fertilizer – enabling efficiency, plasticity and growth.”

  Fitness- based activity should involve all children rather than the select.

Inactivity has replaced smoking as the highest killer in the US.
This current generation of children, despite our technological advances and learning is not expected to live as long as their parents because of inactivity.
In the US less than 5% of the population over 26 participate in organised sport.
Phys ED has become virtually irrelevant.
Focus less on sports and more on fitness and wellness.
This leads to demonstrable and significant improvements in health and wellbeing, academic performance, behaviour and pro-activity.
Fit children are more likely to positively participate in challenges both academic and psychical – including sport.
Concentrating less on sport and more on performance improves participation and outcomes of sport related activities.
Fitness monitors allow us to assess students based on their efforts rather than outcomes.
They also allow students to monitor their own progress and modify their individual efforts. They encourage ownership of the process.
Fitness testing is more a measure of individual outcomes and less a comparison against others (competition – external) longitudinal collection of data allows for greater understanding and prediction of individual health.
Brain-breaks (time spent participating is more than compensated for by the improved levels of attention and performance.

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